Career Mapping

Are you highly motivated and an achiever? Do you desire to move within your organization, or perhaps you would like to chart a new course outside your current place of work? As the work landscape changes, opportunities abound.

Career Consulting

Are you unhappy at work or actively searching for a new opportunity? Perhaps you have lost your job or you are miserable at your current one. Whether this is a “second-act” career or you want to make a change, we can help.

INVENTION Retirement

Looking for help and support as you create the retirement you envision? A significant challenge many of us will face is successfully transitioning to retirement. Many of us don’t want to stop working altogether and yet we want something new.

What my clients have to say...



M.S. Pharmaceutical Science

"I felt very optimistic by the end of our conversation, probably because you gave me suggestions with tangible, approachable applications. I’m really excited to implement these suggestions into my networking/job search process…Your advice played a critical role in showing me how to get noticed in the sea of qualified candidates and, in all likelihood, was a major determinant of my success."




"I don't know what to say...your magic works like a charm! I saw it with my old interns and now with me! I landed the job! Made it through round 2 of interviews with 5 of their top level managers and directors and beat out 2 other candidates! I can't thank you enough! You are the best!!!"



Career Rings Participant

"After participating in Career Rings, I will go about networking in a completely different manner. I honestly didn’t know how else to go about finding a job, except to apply to posted positions that were (even remotely) related to my interests. Working through the Career Rings program helped me realize that I already have the resources to create a great career for myself."

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