Looking for help and support as you create the retirement you envision? A significant challenge many of us will face is successfully transitioning to retirement. Many of us don’t want to stop working altogether but want to do something different than what we are doing now.

It could be part time or flex time work, or it could be starting a business of our own. Perhaps it is a combination of work and volunteering, travel and recreation. Retirement Invention Breakfasts are for those who are thinking about or planning for a successful retirement.

As a breakfast guest, you will have the opportunity to CRAFT your retirement invention.

Create a plan for the next best phase of your life

Recognize your value

Ask questions about possibilities

Foster relationships

Transform the way you think about retirement

Our goal is to build an ever-increasing network of men and women, all of whom understand the value and the power of strong personal connections, who help each other as we navigate our retirement invention.

If you have questions, call 207.847.0519 or send a note.

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