If you tapped someone on the shoulder about an opportunity with your organization, would they listen?

And if they did, would you have a compelling story to tell?

How many shoulders will you tap today, tomorrow?

TALENT TAPPING is a recruiting strategy to help you find and attract the people you need to get the job done. Having been on both sides of the hiring process, as a career coach and search professional, I’ve observed that the best hires (board members and volunteers too) come as a direct result of a personal introduction or referral. Referral hires stay longer and perform better!

Two keys to recruiting top talent include first understanding and then communicating your organization’s authentic and unique brand in a compelling way. People want to know: “What is it really like to work/volunteer at your organization, will I enjoy what I’m doing, does the work align with my personal mission and goals and will I fit in?” Once the message has been crafted, the question becomes, in what ways do we communicate this message so that we can find and attract the people we need to achieve our goals?

Here are the issues we have identified: Difficulty in finding and attracting talent, the cost of recruiting talent and competition which is often the main obstacle to bringing on good people.

We help organizations find the talent they need to accomplish their business objectives. Unlike conventional recruiting strategies, we harness the power of relationships and storytelling to help organizations build a pipeline of passive talent.

Margot’s approach to creating and engaging thriving networks through “story telling” is extremely impactful it resonates, not just as a hiring manager, but also as a marketing executive!

Susan Robbins – Vice President Sales and Marketing

Are you having difficulty achieving your organization’s objectives because you don’t have the people you need?

Are you competing for talent when there isn’t enough talent to go around? 

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