We help men and women secure jobs and business opportunities by becoming masters of networking. If you hate networking and dread the thought of attending networking events, there are strategies to make it easier.

It is all about what energizes you. My favorite definition of introverts comes from Vocabulary.com:  “Introverts sometimes avoid large groups of people, feeling more energized by time alone. The opposite of an introvert is an extrovert, who finds energy in interactions with others.”

For those of you who, after a long day of work, like to read, take a walk or watch TV to recharge your batteries rather than be out and about talking with people, give us a call to learn more.

“I feel more emboldened to contact and connect with people who can help me build a strong network for my job search. Networking is still a work in progress but I feel I have been given an excellent starting kit to help alleviate the anxiety that comes with reaching out to people…”

Joell, Career Rings Participant

Contrary to popular belief; not all introverts are shy. Many have great social lives and love being with their friends but just need some time to be alone to “recharge their batteries” afterwards. “Introverts aren’t party poopers, they’re just pooped by the party.” – Dr. Otto Kroeger

“I have been meaning to say thank you for the workshop you conducted for us. It was really valuable and it definitely shifted my perspective about networking in general. Everyday I try my best to apply every single point you covered in the hopes that it helps build on current relationship and create new ones. Thanks!”

Gianni, Career Rings Participant

For more information about networking opportunities, please give us a call or sent us a note.

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