When is the best time to help children prepare for successful careers? Right now! Help the tweens and teens in your family develop the skills and attributes necessary for success and satisfaction throughout their careers.

Please Encourage Me imparts a model for coaching, mentoring, and guiding children and teens. Its principles are practical, easy to remember and can be put into practice immediately.

“There is an epic shortage of meaningful and practical guidance in how to help kids discover and live their true abilities – in a way that allows for a great and happy life – and one that adds value to the world. Margot has developed a wonderful story and practical tool to help us all know how to engage, INSPIRE and encourage our kids. Read it, then reread it with your kids – then talk about it. Outstanding.”

Jay Forte – Author, Speaker and Coach

“Please Encourage Me is a great book for helping parents, grandparents or coaches of kids think about their critical role in children’s lives. Often adults do not think enough about their impact on a young person’s environment and feelings about themselves. The story of the Charlie and Will provides readers with a simple guide: an easy to remember acronym that lays out the ground rules for listening to and encouraging kids. Some of this advice we have heard before, but Rutledge puts it all together in a meaningful and non-complex way. As a school guidance counselor, I know how confused parents can get when trying to raise their children and they often look for tools to help them. They do not want complex psychological manuals. This fits the bill!”

School Guidance Counselor

“I read it through right away (because I couldn’t put it down) and I think it is wonderful!! I love the story – the technique works incredibly well and makes the message memorable.”

Sue Blaney – National Speaker and Author

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