We are pleased to offer group career coaching as well as individual coaching. Have you thought about working with a career coach but hesitated either because of the cost or because you don’t quite know what to expect?

So many of us settle for work we don’t like. We fall into one career path and think that’s all we can do, but this isn’t true. There are many things you can do! You can learn how to craft a career that makes you happy.

These are questions people considering group career coaching often ask:

What are Career Rings™ and what do they do?

Career Rings™ are small groups of men and women (generally between 4 and 8 people) who work with a coach over a period of several weeks to implement a strategy which will help them identify and then secure work they enjoy. The meetings can take place virtually or face to face.

Who participates?

Some participants are unemployed or underemployed.  Most are unhappy at work and want to do something different than what they are currently doing.

What happens in a Career Ring?

In weeks one and two, we will identify and acknowledge strengths and accomplishments. We will work together to define possible career options and you will learn how to clearly and concisely communicate your value.

In weeks three and four, you will learn a process we call conneciprocity™ or reciprocal networking, and we will bring together all you have learned to complete your strategy for finding your next best opportunity.

You will learn and practice your newly developed skills; first within the safe and supportive environment of your Ring and then in real life situations. Ring members report back to the group, share experiences and lessons learned and receive feedback and guidance from their coach.

What are the benefits of participating in a Ring?

As a result of participating, you will have:

1. Guidance and support as you learn and implement a strategy to find your next opportunity and successfully navigate your career.

2. Access to peers with whom you will build meaningful relationships to help you “open doors,” network, and gain access to career opportunities.

What do we ask of you and what do participants need in order to join a Ring?

All we ask is that you help us identify four to eight people who will make a commitment to participate in your Ring. The time commitment is four, fifty to sixty – minute sessions over the course of a month. Together we will determine a time most convenient for Ring members. If our meetings are virtual, you will need a co”mputer, a web browser and a web camera.

I feel more emboldened to contact and connect with people who can help me build a strong network for my job search. Networking is still a work in progress but I feel I have been given an excellent starting kit to help alleviate the anxiety that comes with reaching out to people…”

Joell, Career Rings Participant

“I love the fact that participants are encouraged to practice what they learned in front of others, and critiques are exchanged after each practice. Things like networking techniques require experience, and Career Rings provides such safe environment to do so.”

Zilong, Career Rings Participant

For more information, please call us or send us a note.

Career Rings offers career coaching and consulting services in Portland, Maine

and remotely throughout the United States.

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