Think about your primary aim? What do you want your life to be like? What do you value most? Does your current job and the path you are on enable you to live the life you envision?

We offer career consulting programs and services. Most of our clients come to us because they are very unhappy at work or actively searching for a new opportunity. Perhaps you have lost your job or you are miserable at your current one. Men and women who want to do something different than what they have done often have a difficult time finding work using traditional job search methods. If you are unhappy at work or in transition, we will teach you tools and strategies to successfully navigate your career.

“Hire a consultant when you need an expert who can teach you a process or method. Hire a coach when you want to discover yourself.”

Leanne Wong –  Leadership and Career Coach

The Job Search

This process includes career consulting in the areas of:

Planning your Job Search

The Art and Science of Networking

Making the Most of LinkedIn and Social Networks

Maximizing your Experience at Career Fairs/Expos

Communication Strategies

The Art of Storytelling

Interview Tips/Mock Interviews

Resume Writing

Business Writing Strategies

Career Management


Long-term Career Management Strategies

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“There were so many good things about this program. First of all, the Career Rings templates and acronyms made it easy for me to tell my story in a simple and effective way. These tools helped me articulate my own experiences, skills and  goals in a variety of settings, which gave me the confidence to expand my network.” 

Alex, Career Rings Participant

“After participating in Career Rings, I will go about networking in a completely different manner.  I honestly didn’t know how else to go about finding a job, except to apply to posted positions that were (even remotely) related to my interests. Working through the Career Rings program helped me realize that I already have the resources to create a great career for myself.”

Megan, Career Rings Participant

Remember the 3 P’s. You have to have a Process and Plan to Prosper over time.

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Career Rings offers career coaching and consulting services in Portland, Maine

and remotely throughout the United States.

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