Are you searching for a career coach in Portland Maine or the greater Portland area?

Living and working in Maine is a dream come true for me and many others. Don’t let your career happen to you, make it happen for you! Create a plan and work your plan to manifest a career that makes you happy. Don’t settle for less than is possible!

Do you desire a promotion, to do something different within your organization, or would you like to chart a new course outside your current place of work? If you are looking to move up, move over or move out, give us a call. It is exciting to believe that you can start right where you are and branch off in any number of directions. As the work landscape changes, opportunities abound. If you are highly motivated and an achiever, you can chart your course with career coaching or career mapping.

“I didn’t even get the chance to look for a job myself – I didn’t apply to anything!  But I finished my degree four weeks ago, and I’m starting my third week of work now.  The best part is that I’m doing exactly what I wanted, and I couldn’t be happier with my position so far.

I wanted to let you know that the Career Rings program really helped me a lot! Thank you so much. I’m very grateful that I got to participate in your program, and very grateful to you for sharing your knowledge with me.”

Megan, Career Rings Participant

“I have been meaning to say thank you for the workshop you conducted for us. It was really valuable and it definitely shifted my perspective about networking in general. Everyday I try my best to apply every single point you covered in the hopes that it helps build on current relationship and create new ones. Thanks!”

Gianni, Career Rings Participant

If you would like to explore working with a career coach in Portland Maine, please give us a call or send a note.

Career Rings offers career coaching and consulting services in Portland, Maine

and remotely throughout the United States.

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