Remember, networking is a two way street.

Networking isn’t just about you. It is about the two of you. You are there to gather information, resources and additional referrals and to build a relationship. You hope this person is able to help you but could you possibly help her?  The only way you will know if and how you can help your networking partner is to learn more about her. Find out about her position, interests and goals. Should she mention facts about his personal life; her children, be sure to take note.  You may not be able to add value immediately but there will come a time when you will. Some day and it may come sooner than you think; you will be in a position to help a person who has helped you. Perhaps you will come across an article about trends in her industry you can share. Perhaps you will know of an opportunity, when she is looking for one. Always be thinking of ways you can add value to the other person.


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