Are you unhappy at work? This self-assessment will help you determine if working with a coach is the right choice for you as you look for your next best opportunity.

1. What challenges are you facing as you transition to your next opportunity?

2. Because of these challenges, what are you experiencing?

3. If you were to realize the benefits listed above, what would it mean for you?

For each item, please use the following scoring system.

1 – Strongly Disagree

2 – Disagree

3 – Agree

4 – Strongly Agree

1. Strategy:  I know how to go about finding a job that is a good fit for me.

2. Communication:  I can communicate my strengths and experiences clearly and concisely.

3. Goals:  I am clear about and can articulate the options I want to pursue.

4. Networking:  I know how to build a network of connections to help me land the job that I want.

5. Confidence:  I have confidence in my ability to find an ideal job.

6. Resources:  I have the tools I need and a road map to follow from start to finish.

Still not sure?

Why should I participate? What are the benefits?

You will experience a dynamic, hands-on, skill building process that gives you the knowledge, practice and experience necessary to effectively navigate this phase of your career.

The Process








For more information or for a free consultation to determine whether or not participating will be beneficial for you, please call us at 207.847.0519 or send us an email.

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